Appreciating what you see underwater..

Beautiful snails of the sea ! The uninitiated diver may swim past them without noticing but a sharp and keen eye of most seasoned divers may produce rewarding sightings of these small critters,among the most colorful creatures to look at if spotted ..

Pikachu..cute nudi

Spanish shawl

Pretty to look at ,the spiky tips are venomous so fishes stay clear

Ribbon like trail are what their eggs look like

These are the more comomnly sighted variety,with the cauliflower like tail sticking out.

Blue dragon,some looks like a centipede..

Hard skin variety,most common type and more easily sighted if looking.

Nudibranch...(pronounced nudi bran sher) french word simply meaning nude or naked gills. A snail without a shell..Among the most colorful and eye catching creatures you can encounter while diving..! Variety of these critters is mind boggling,all with their own distinctive patterns..beautiful to look at..thousands of varieties and still discovering more..
Mother Nature has quaint way of designing her critters to protect themselves..In the case of Nudis ,the reason for being so strikingly colorful is simply of the fact of "in your face " advertising! Striking colors are to show potential predators to stay clear and forget about considering them as a 'snack'coz they are poisonous .
they mainly graze on hydroids and algae surfaces of boulders on where they are commonly seen. Hydroids are relation to Jellyfishes with stinging venomous properties,which the Nudis ingest and adapt into their bodies. And they warn off all creatures of this fact with their colors.!
The last 2 arent snails but marine worms,Flatworms..! strangely enough,they adopt the striking colors to hope to be mistaken for nudibranch,thus predators may avoid from eating them,but doesnt always work , worms are a favourite snack of fishes and most arent venomous..

Thanks a lot..enjoy the pics and hope you may be enlightened..!
Drop me a line if any queries,love to share what i know from a combined 20 years of diving and instructing..Seriously!

Masters of camouflage underwater..fascinating

Ring made by scuba diver., like how smokers do it with cigarette smoke,but take a lot of practice and skill to craft a water ring as perfect as this one..

Spider crab...among the many things that make scuba diving so much fun is to learn how to seek out this weird looking critters..very well hidden and tiny , and when you find one to look at..its well worth the effort of the hunt..Hide and seek underwater.

Shrimps can be strikingly colorful to look at in their natural environment..Check out the design of this tiger shrimp...

But when they want to hide from need to know where are the likely places to seek them out...Can you make out the crinoid shrimp amongst the tentacles of the feather star....takes up the color of its host..!

Frog fish pretending to be a leaf underwater...just flowing side to side with the water movement.
But its an opportunist..not hiding but waiting for its next unfortunate meal to not notice it and swim close enough for it to just suck the small fish into its mouth.!

Yup, its called Harlequin shrimp, just like its namesake.Colorful and cute to see if you chance on it while diving.

Look at this beautiful critter.! And its a crab ! Coral Crab , looking like a beautiful soft coral design..If it doesnt move ,you may miss it ,thinking it to be the soft coral extension.!

Transparent shrimp....they only can be seen at night , very well hidden during daytime in nooks and crannies of corals or cracks..

This thingy is only about sixe of a tiny and so well camouflaged taking on the color of its fan coral host,practically almost invisible to the naked eye..a very very sharp eyesight with the experience of knowing where to look and what to look for may only make out this minute pygmy seahorse..

See the background of the seafan coral that this pair of pygmys live in.

Popcorn shrimp..look more closely..can just make out the head as it hides inside a mushroom coral..

This piece of rock half buried in the sand..........

is a scorpion fish..Devil scorpion ,or indian crawler depending on location.

They like to stay still and make like a coral head...waiting for unwary prey to approach..small fishes ,sea bugs make up their diet.

Another well hidden transparent shrimp,Bubble coral shrimp,coz likes to hide in bubble corals.

This ugly looking lovely Lace scorpion fish, scorpion fishes are intriguing to look at but like its cousins frogfish or lionfish, excruciatingly painful if accidentally get stabbed by its venomous spines.

Looks like a leaf,so obviously a leafy scorpion fish..

This is one octopus i respect..Mimic octopus..has an ability to take on the form and colors of what it mimics..usually stingray or flounder fish and even sometimes pretends to be a bunch of sea snakes..Have to see to believe..!

These are but only some of the fascinating underwater creatures that are masters of camouflage...And among the many things that make scuba diving so much fun is when we come across sighting of these critters it can be immensely gratifying feeling ...especially knowing that you are
seeing something that is so hard to see even for seasoned divers..

 Octopus, camouflaged as a bed of coral, click image and try to make it out!

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