The most poisonous octopus has venom that can kill a man in 10 secs with just a tiny bite., on the other extreme, the most fascinating octo has an amazing ability to pretend to be another underwater creature .

Did you know that  there is an octopus that has venom 10 times more venomous than the cobra,a neurotoxin that paralyses anything the octopus bites an stops muscle function(including the heart muscle) in approx 10 seconds. The creature uses the venom to hunt its prey but also as self defence,so be careful where you step on the rocky crevasses of beaches. So far it is the only octopus that has deadly poison whereas other types of octopus are more ingenious in camouflaging.

But not all octopus are that deadly. The mimic octo below is among one of the most fascinating creatures found underwater. You have to see to believe what it can do.
Nobody even knew of its existence until 1998, when it was chanced upon by a scuba diver. Yet it is one of the most brilliant testament of how bizarely clever the octopus is.

Try using your imagination and think about what it is pretending or trying to Mimic..

Now you see me then you don't. Its like an episode of star trek!

Octo , octo
Wherfore art thou..dear octo

Caught off guard !! Whoa,what the heck is that!?


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