Dive Mastering and what comes with the territory!

My thoughts after i read this complaint...
Sharing our worst diving experience at Malaysia Mabul Seaventure Rig Dive Resort, hoping no one will be victim to this so call DM Suki (Facebook :Christine Su) . (Total 16 divers involve, 13 Malaysians, 1 from Beijing & 2 HongKong divers)
From day 1, she sounded really rude while doing arrival briefing. Even when we requested the critters sea dragon and her answer is "This is Malaysia " She sounded like the whole world owe her everything. She seems like not clear of her position, being in service industry, you can choose not to serve by taking MC if you are not too well. We did not pay to be shown black face. Even with that, we choose to ignore that face than to spoil our dive trip.
First 2 days was great until we decided to extend our dive in day 3 after our normal dive. We registered ourselves for extra dives, this DM was assigned to lead the dive. The conversation started:-
DM: I'm your dive guide later
Diver: is there other DM available?
DM: I am the only one available, you can choose wanna dive or not, don't want is fine also.
Diver: (halfway gearing up) ok la, let's go then...
(Diver continue to gear up, full set gear prepared, with weight belt on as well. When all ready, sit while waiting for the dive, she sat there doing nothing, not even preparing for the dive. She came up to us and say the following)
DM: (shouted)since you guys wanted to choose DM . even you wants to go now, I don't want to go also)
Diver: (speechless) $&@@#^£•¥*¥#
This DM just ignore and avoid us for the rest of our stay.
We choose not to further argue with her, and proceed to request her details from the management office later of the day. We were told that they didn't have any of her details. This makes us really curious on the selection of DM by 5 star PADI dive centre. No information need to be recorded before hiring a person as DM?
This is the service level we got from this DM. Not sure if PADI has lowered the standard of DM or she is not even a qualified DM, unknown till now. Sharing it with fellow divers to beware of this DM. Qualified or not, dunno yet, but she surely will kill your dive trip if you dive with her.
I am of course referring to the above posting shared ,complaining about the services of the SeaVentures DM..named Suki..
Personally,i do not know her ,although professionally,think i can relate a little as to her job demands and what she may have to occasionally put up with,in the process called Dive Mastering, Been in that position for years then moved on to train quite a few to be dedicated Dms as best as I can ,drawing from my personal experience..
And although many may beg to differ, but DM is a under appreciated and it is not an easy job The diving part and guiding perhaps yes,
But it is the people skills,and the immense amount of patience needed to interact with scuba divers, with tact ,that is the tougher part. Divers are people that comes with all manners and personalities..Generally,most ,if the DM is a good guide and safety conscious-are well mannered and knows how to allow the DM breathing space to do their jobs efficiently without getting in the way.
But then amongst these divers, are the prima donnas , the egoistic ,impatient and on and on , who expect to be waited hand and foot just because they paid good money..
A DM is a working professional,like any engineer or accountant is a pro.and they deserve the same level of respect .
Their job is to ensure safe diving practices,monitoring all the divers under their charge while doubling as a in-water tour guide, and whilst on the job,must be on top of the situation in-water all the time.
.Anticipating , looking out for dangerous situations to anticipate and prevent
.Ever conscientous that they have the overall safety and well being of the divers they are guiding.,It's not to be taken lightly, when we are talking about lives and safeties of scuba divers..
.And sometimes , they have to be stern but balanced it by not being overbearing , to keep stubborn divers in check or newbie divers who may not know any better.
All that to make a dive experience as thoroughly enjoyable and incident free as possible.
And hence in reference to the above complaint...
i am mulling as to the phrase.
"This is Malaysia"- Perhaps if Suki can clarify what she meant when she said those words,it may present an added perspective.
.Particularly in the SIpadan National park area, where DIve pros must take their jobs very seriously in helping to protect and conserve the natural treasures.
.And like it or not..they reserve the final judgment on whether divers ought be taken out or banned from diving because of certain "stubborn " inwater actions, when advised against doing so..they act like "I pay money so i can do as i wish"..like grabbing turtles , harassing marine creatures etc.
.Hopefully of course thats not the case here, but then ,.there are divers who haven't as yet learnt proper respect for the precious Malaysian marine environment..judging from some shares and postings on social media on how these destroyers wreak damage..sad to note,many of them newbies of a certain country.
Its about respect, to the marine environment and the host country and then the pros who show you the national marine treasures.
BTW, dive sites,irrespective of where, are for" You will see what you will see , and encounter , marine critters in their natural habitat " not supermarket to pick and choose what you want to see-.,For that may as well go to the aquarium..
This is a frame of mind that so many divers have not yet figured out..


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