findin nemo,lesson in hardship

The cute little clown-fish, in Finding NEMO ,the movie.Wonder how many people actually realize what the poor thing has to endure just to find his little niche in the aquatic realm.
The hardship it has to put up with just to have shelter from its enemies. There is a lesson there,of endurance,patience and pain.!
When these little critters hatch,they are so tiny,like the size of a small sand pebble,and immediately they struggle for survival,in a batch of 100s or so hatch-lings,they do not immediately find a place to live,what happens is ,they will drift with sea currents until they come to an anemone patch,and that journey would have taken a toll on the numbers,free swimming in the open sea has its risks, 70 to 80% of them would have been decimated by fishes,having done their part in contributing to the food chain. And of the ones that are left to claim their right to exist,they still have a painful obstacle to cross.
Talk about the hassle of house hunting,if you are griping about paying through your teeth for the next 100 years and bitching about how you have to slave away just to get a roof over your head.! Well have a thought for the poor little clown-fish ,just a baby ,cannot immediately move in to the anemone it has chosen to live in . Rather,it has to swim into the anemone and dart out almost immediately. Because it gets stung by the host anemone,and no joke ,anemones are cousins of the jellyfish with the same stinging properties so it gives you an idea of what the poor fish puts up with.
Then it will swim back in the anemone again only to repeat the process of getting stung very painfully till its gets unbearable for the fish and it swims out for a breather. Only to repeat the process,again and again,
Close analogy will be like having stinging  fire ants on your body,then brushing them off,then getting some more again,brush off, and again,few dozen times more .
Theres a lesson to be learnt here from  this tiny fish,poor thing , life's just beginning and already so much pain and suffering,but no giving up, persevere, for the ultimate reward is security in a new home.
      It swims in and out so many times till eventually it's body develops a mucous that protects it from the stings,then it can finally settle into the anemone and be protected from its predators,other fishes , which will get stung too if they get close to the anemone.
         It takes a little fishy tale to remind us how to cope with the pains and endure the tough breaks in life ...,
     For this little fish had a definite objective..
It had a clear vision of what it wanted to achieve and where it wanted to go , Then it just grit it's, teeth and stubbornly endures the pain and sufferings along the way. Perseverance builds up resilience and mental toughness ,it could endure until it achieved it's goal.
              OF making the ANEMONE home!

How many people can imitate the resilience demonstrated by  this fishy tale of endurance.?

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