The underwater realm,creatures weird and wonderful

long snout seahorse.

crown of thorns,predator of corals,

worm..? yes.! christmas tree worm..marine worm that burrows into a coral and lives on the coral ..feeding on whatever the sea currents brings ,mainly plankton.

this is what an underwater snail looks like...nudibranch,means ;naked gills;
or a snail without a shell, hence naked.!

another form of nudibranch,soft variety,beautiful clors are an advertisement of toxic skin,fishes stay away beacuse of the toxins.mainly feed on hydroids,a form of
coral related to the jellyfish,with sting and all,

a crab, rather spider crab..,can easily explain why its namesake..tiny creature,down to its size,also similar to a land spider.

lionfis,another exhibitionist underwater realm,it spreads out its wings to tell other predators not to mess with it because it has toxic spines.

master of camouflage..peacock flounder,just wiggles a bit and it conceals itself in the sandy bottom,only a very sharp eye can detect it is there.usually only can see it's eyes with whole body buried in the sand.

flying gurnard..beautiful creature to sight when it spreads its wings and glides underwater,just like an eagle would in the sky.
but when wings are folded,just another fish,nothing special looking,when predator approaches,wings spread to deter and also to take flight in case too hot to handle. very weird creature,a fish who cant seem to swim,walks on the seabed or hops. or well camouflaged ,it can adapt itself to blend in with the colours of its surrounding environment.multi colored ugly yet in a fascinating way.

devil scorpion fish..venomous spines,wings spread to warn off predators,usually folds wings and takes clors of the coral head it hides in to feed on unsuspecting fishes which dont see it.

crab or ape.under a microscope observation,it looks exactly like the orang utan,even walks like it,fascinating to watch..

strange looking fish ya..?

jellyfish,inspiration for sci-fi movie..

hermit crab,it will look for another shell when it outgrows the current one it is living in,moving from shell to shell as it grows larger..hermit thru and thru.

pencil urchin,intriguing to look at, but has venomous spines,not lethal but excruciatingly painful for divers if acidentally handled.
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