Underwater ninja.Mimic octo.

Look is it a flounder , no , is it a bunch of deadly seasnakes,no,could it be a stingray? No its just a mimic octopus.

Underwater ninjas .it can pretend to be what it feels like to camouflaged itself or to prey on food!

If ever there is a animal i totally respect underwater it has got to be the mimic octopus.Shapeshifter , invisible critter ,master of disguise , it not only can blend into any environment but actually by memory mimic another creature to deter or to prey upon prey.Amazing to watch.!!


1st  video is when it adapting itself to look like the seagrass ,  and the other has it pretending to be a flounder fish.

This last cephalopod may not be as versatile as the  Mimic octo , but still pretty good in any book!


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