Why i like to go scuba diving! Amazing cleaning stations

 Observing marine life and interaction of  events that happens around coral reefs. Dramas unfold like a TV soap opera,of sneakiness,intrigue, with elements of a spy drama ,there is deceit , grace , treachery ,trickery, trust ,betrayal,transformation,mutual respect,confusion,panic,agony, intelligence,posturing, beauty , courtship , seduction , delicate meticulous treatment,.harmony,balance,

Evolved from thousands of centuries of interaction between the organisms,creatures more ancient than human history,fierce predators turn docile,tiny fishes taking on other animals 50 times its own size,without fear protecting a small tuft of algae,it nurtured n cultivated,parasitic fishes, hitchhiking, too lazy to hunt for their own food preferring to grab leftover chunks ,killer lice slowly sucking out the life of the fish it has latched on , ritual of courtships, dances or posturing  with strikingly beautiful colors being used  to attract or seduce the opposite sex .
 Fascinating to watch as events unfold and being able to interpret the going ons is immensely rewarding,anemone condos or tiny cleaner shrimps,bigger boxer shrimps,venomous spines of scorpion fishes,or pencil urchins,deadly toxins of seasnakes 10 times more potent than the cousins on land.!

Cleaning stations.
  Fishes have no arms nor legs to scratch themselves when their bodies itch,as they swim about grazing for food,its inevitable they will pick up unwelcomed guest, hitch hikers that latches on to their bodies from their bodily contacts with the reef or  free swimming parasites that drift with the currents.
Or algae growth on their bodies as they swim about , the oceans are full of microscopic life in the form of plankton or tinier micro organism that floats and drifts with the currents.
 Its just mother nature's  design of the food chain link. Which in itself is another intriguing story. As for scuba divers,to be able to recognise a cleaning station and interpret the going ons,can be a rewarding and entertaining sight when observed.

 Its intriguing to admire the trust involved when species are being cleaned.
Predators like moray eels,sting rays  or generally those bigger fish that prey on smaller fishes ,quick snacks,seem to know where the boundaries of respect lies,more so for the smaller cleaner wrasses or cleaner shrimps which during the course of their feeding of the parasites,if the bigger fish should decide to make a quick snack of them,there really isnt much they can do to get out of the situation,especially when they are literally in the mouths already of the fish
.Amazing how restraint is  applied ,as the fishes let the cleaners do their jobs.Goin in and out of the gills and agaped mouths and eyes,hovering motionless as the cleaners go about their business.


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