age,whats the limit to learn scuba diving?

The average age of active scuba divers, is 36, and there are physicians who suggests that scuba diving beyond 50 years old may cause health related issues or outright hazardous to it. But then theres the wonderfully endearing image of the great Jacques Cousteau, who scuba dived at the ripe old age of 87 and continued diving until the very end of his life. And even in his old age, despite having problems walking ,the famous Frenchman , requested his friends to take him close to the sea and he had regretfully said that it was very hard for him to imagine his life without scuba diving.
So when older divers are questioned about their passion for the sport ,Cousteau's example is often used to dispel doubts about the physical ability of the golden folk. Some have been diving for decades , but curiously enough ,there are those who started or learned to dive at the age of 70.

Actually, There arent any restrictions on age limits , for most of the diver training agencies ,

and 70 seems to be the acceptable to many agencies provided of course that physically there are no concerns to disqualify one from participating in the dive activities.

But ,on one hand , doctors and rescuers, they tend to be more on the reserved side,

when it comes to their opinions on age limits. at least in regards to people of that age group but with no experience in scuba diving or those who've shelfed diving a while but resume scuba diving after a considerable time gap of no dives . Even if clearly there are physical and psychological benefits from recreational scuba diving and social adaptation of elderly are evident and encouraging, it is also noticeable that accident statistics involving the older aged in scuba diving have risen . It is a fact not gone unnoticed, but hardly alarming enough to put a cap on the restrictions.

If well equipped, adequately trained and responsibly supervised when older divers are joining in individual or group dives, these elderly scuba divers, both freshmen and veterans, still can enjoy the pleasure of getting in touch with underwater world. But dive like this will need more better planning and be very safety minded affair.It has to be planned meticulously anticipating any potential situation and methods to deal with it.Safety in mind at at all times.

If you are a in a older age group, and seriously comtemplating signing up for a dive course then it's highly recommended that you learn slowly until you feel you are both mentally and physically ready to take your first scuba dive at a desired site to suit your specific needs, your individual limits, and your personal diving experience. Just bear in mind that of recreational scuba diving.Age is not a barrier. You can be as young as 8 till as old as 70 and still can take up diving if your body allows it to.


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