Cheaper to learn scuba diving in east coast islands of peninsular malaysia

PERhentians , redang ,lang tengah ,tanggol , tioman ,dayang .aur .
Just this destinations can provide the average malaysian diver a full season of affordable and great diving.
All this islands are on the east coast of peninsular malaysia.Each a jewel in their own right.
All of theses islands having different charms and personalities.
To decide which paradise island to go to can be a tough choice unless you have a
criteria to select with.
And also depends on budget constraints and what it is you want to experience in the island environment setting.
Most of the diving action is at the east coast islands of peninsular malaysia,and of course East malaysia.where the top dive destinations in the world are at.
If you are considering learning to scuba dive,it is a much better option to consider learning in one of the many islands dotted around the east coast of peninsular malaysia.
Where comparatively speaking it is much more cost effective.Compared to learning diving in Thailand.
Dive schools in these islands offer divecourses for all levels,from the very basic beginner to courses training you to be a dive professional.
Major difference is that in Thailand ,marjority of dive schools are operated by Foreigners which of course is reflected by the fees they charged for the courses and dive trips on offer.
Of course for what is charged and services offered ,you do get value for what is spent,whereas in Malaysia ,the 1st thing you will notice is that the dive schools are mainly run by locals.
It actually makes more sense for a lot of backpackers travelling around south east asia who are keen to take up scuba diving as an added activity to make their way to a malaysian island to learn it.
Travellers moving around usually allocate a week or so picking up a dive certification in Malaysia in one of the islands in malaysia because they ve discovered it is cheaper to do so in comparison to Thailand.,or Indonesia.Not to mention the very relaxed pace of instruction by the Local malaysian dive instructors.
All the island locales have great environment for learning ,very conducive for the beginner all the way to very advanced.
Mainly,most of these malaysian islands cater for the beginners more than the highly advanced divers.Since they are located on a shallow continental shelf of the south china sea,and diving activity is mostly done in shallow water reefs,considered among the best and most varied in the region.
The more challenging dive environments are at the Indonesian archipelago or across the pond on the east malaysian side in and around the phillipine waters.
Most certified divers who learned in one of these islands will testify on the very relaxed pace ,where you learn in small group of 3 to 4 students,not like factory assembly line style of learning in huge groups.More the norm in the highly commercialized islands in Thailand.Ko phi phi ,ko tao,Phuket etc. Ask around and version is everywhere similar.


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